which nft game to invest in

Which NFT Game to Invest In Cryptocurrency?

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Find out which NFT game to invest in for long-term gigantic profit? Here’s what we found out!

Which NFT Game to Invest In?

NFT Game Investment is a monthly article that focuses on the best blockchain gaming projects. We will cover the main game information, gameplay, our thoughts and will give you an overview of the project’s investment potential. We are not giving financial advice.

Before investing make sure to do your own research by reading all the information available on this site. Currently, there are several blockchain-based games available on the market. The most popular among them is undoubtedly Cryptokitties.

There are several new projects coming out too. One of these is Gods Unchained, a fantasy card game based on Ethereum smart contracts. It’s one of those games which promises to be a true competitor to Cryptokitties in the near future.

CryptoZombies is another interesting project which teaches you how to code by creating your own crypto-collectibles game. It doesn’t have any gameplay yet but it looks promising. Just make sure you don’t learn how to code so you can make your own crypto collectible game

Top NFT Game

There’s also a new blockchain game called EtherOnline which is launching soon and was recently featured in Forbes. It will be a fantasy RPG with some PVP elements like trading or matchmaking. EtherOnline Gameplay is supposed to be similar to World of Warcraft.

It’s not just the gameplay itself that is exciting, but it’s also the way EtherOnline monetizes its users. The company offers several in-game products like heroes or spells. It will help you get ahead in the game and provides special status symbols for your character.

But all of this can only be bought with real money. Imagine playing Skyrim or WoW and having to pay real cash for special items or abilities. This Blockchain Based trading card game has more than one million USD invested in it already.

It has already won several awards as well as been featured in Forbes, VentureBeat, Nasdaq, TechCrunch, and TheNextWeb. It was created by Fuel Games, an Australian game developer that has been working on Gods Unchained since early 2017. 

Gods Unchained Metaverse

Now let’s have a look at the gameplay of Gods Unchained. The game is based on a fantasy world where heroes fight for glory and power. Players can choose between five different gods to worship and from a pool of 600+ cards to build their decks.

Each of these cards has its own unique abilities. Since you can use it to create your own deck with which you can compete against other players. The game itself is pretty straightforward.

It’s a turn-based multiplayer action card game. You start off with a small deck but as you progress in the game you will unlock new cards. Also, you can get better equipment as well as more powerful spells and abilities.

The goal is to defeat other players in duels, climb the leaderboards and become the most powerful god in the world! There is also another mode called Gauntlet in which you have to fight your way through with your deck of cards. If you win then you continue climbing higher up in the ranks but if you lose then you go down a few ranks until you get back to rank 20 again.

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