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What Is NFT Rarity Tool?

NFT Utility

Looking for the rarest NFTs? We will explain how you can use the NFT rarity tool to find them.

NFT Rarity Overview

NFT Rarity is an amazing tool that keeps track of all the NFTs in circulation. It also provides detailed information about their rarity, ownership, and transaction details. You can use it to check how many tokens are in circulation, see who owns them and how many are owned by each owner.

This can be helpful if you want to find out who has the most tokens in a particular game. You can also use the tool to check how many tokens have been transferred between different users and how much they have been traded for. This feature can be useful if you want to find out who has sold their tokens for the most money.

How to Use NFT Rarity?

The tool is based on Google Sheets, so you have to open it from there. You don’t have to download anything since it’s hosted online. All you have to do is visit the bitcrunchd then and nft-rarity and then click on the “View” button. In Google Sheets, you’ll see a list of crypto games with data about their NFTs: when they were created, when they were sold and for how much, which wallets hold them now, and more.

You can sort this data by clicking on the column titles like “Sold at” or “Wallet” to see them in a different order. Also, by selecting one of the options from the dropdown menu near the title of each column. You’ll see this on the right side of each column. 

Another way is by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon next to it. When you’re done with your search, click on the “Filter down” button or press Enter on your keyboard to see only relevant data again. You can save your filters as well as download all information as a CSV file if you want to work with them offline as well.

NFT Rarity Features

This tool gives you a lot of useful information about NFTs based on smart contracts that have been deployed so far including. Wallets that hold a certain number of tokens at this moment. This can be helpful if you want to find out who holds most of them.

You can use it to see who owns most of the tokens in a certain game and who owns a bigger share than others. Transferred from: wallets that have sent tokens to different wallets. This is useful if you want to find out where tokens have been sent or where they have ended up after being sold for different amounts of money.

This is helpful if you want to find out how many tokens have ended up on different players. Also, how many they received as a result of trading them with other players.

We think that this rare NFT is an amazing tool that you should try out if you’re interested in NFTs and want to find out more about them. We hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we do!

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