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Riot Games is one of the best metagames to play with. But why does its character NFT Valorant have shocked many fans? Here is the latest update.

NFT Valorant

NFT Valorant is a lovely character. It is a beautiful female with a pair of long ears, and the body is covered in red and black. Small red wings sprout from its back, and its tail is like a long whip.

The most attractive thing about it is that it has a kind of black heart that is constantly beating slowly at the center of its chest. Yes, a black heart beats slowly at the center of its chest! The NFT character seems to be very strange, but it is not surprising that some players are very curious about it.

This NFT has been on the auction market for more than a week. Also, there are many people who want to buy it because of its unique appearance. But most people are puzzled by the name of this NFT, which is called “Valorant”.

From what we know, Riot Game Valorant was used to describe a nobleman who always shows courage in his life when he is in trouble or danger. Players think that this name seems to be just meaningless vanity. Because they can’t see the meaning of this name.

However, in fact, there was a reason why Riot Games gave this NFT such an unusual name.

The Meaning of ” Valorant”

Well, here comes the story behind this NFT “Valorant”. At first glance, this NFT may seem to be just a beautiful woman with wings sprouting from her back and tail like a whip. But if you look closely at her chest area, you will find that she has a pair of small breasts, which indicates that she is actually a woman.

But what many players don’t know is that there is another important feature hidden in her chest area: her heart! Yes! Her heart! In addition to the model’s beauty, players can also see her black heart beating slowly at the center of her chest!

So now we know why Riot Games Metaverse named this NFT as “Valorant.” It means that players can see her big black heart through her skin. She’s brave and sexy! She’s not afraid to show off what she has in front of others!

So now you know why Riot Games named this NFT “Valorant”. Does it make sense now? If so, I’m sure you will love this character immediately!

NFT Collectibles to Watch Out

NFT is a very popular Sandbox game nowadays. There are a lot of NFTs in the game, with a variety of shapes and types. Here we will introduce some popular NFTs.

First, we have War Pig NFT is a giant pig that is 3.36 meters long and 2.79 meters tall. It is very different from other common pigs. The most attractive thing about this NFT is that it has a pair of long ears and four legs, which means that it is actually a giant pig!

Second, we have Star Guardian Urgot NFT is an interesting creature that comes from the Dark Star Guardian’s Realm. It looks like a half-man half-machine creature. So, it looks very strange! 

Third, we have Phantom Lancer NFT. This was once one of the most powerful generals in the Radiant Empire. But after being defeated by the Radiant Army Army led by Roshan, he was stripped of his power, his reputation was ruined and he was banished from his own kingdom! 

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