solana nft with utility

The Best Solana NFT with Utility

NFT Utility

Here is what you have been waiting for, insane Solana NFT with Utility like no other!

Solana NFT with Utility

Solana NFT is the first NFT to have its blockchain. Other than the Solana NFT, you can get a variety of utilities with which you can play games or access many other things. It can be used in real-world games with its utility.

You can buy these game items with Solana NFT. Also, some of the proceeds will be given to the Solana foundation for further development. Here is a list of games that will support Solana NFT:

Solana NFT is the first Non-Fungible Token that is not just an ERC-721. But has its ledger on the Ethereum mainnet that runs smart contracts. The unique, independent blockchain for each item provides all the benefits of non-fungible tokens such as immutability, rarity, and authenticity.

Solana NFT collectibles:

“First NFT to have its own blockchain”

“Genuine and verifiable scarcity”

“Encourages offline player trading”

“Popular with collectors and game developers alike”

Solana NFT Genuine and Verifiable Scarcity

Solana NFT is the first non-fungible token to have its blockchain. Each Solana NFT has its independent blockchain that is 100% genuine and verifiable. That’s because each item is represented by a unique hash that can be verified on theĀ Ethereum mainnet blockchain.

This means that no one will ever be able to counterfeit your Solana NFT.

Solana NFT Game Item Utility

Buy game items with Solana NFT. The proceeds will be given to the Solana foundation for further development. The idea behind this is that if you like the Solana game, you can buy some items with your Solana NFT or even get a rare item that’s valued by others.

Solana NFT In-Game Utility

You can use your Solana NFT as an in-game asset in any games that support it, such as Zombie Battleground or CryptoKitties. Using your Solana NFT in games will make those items more valuable. Therefore you can earn more tokens by playing those games.

Token Sale Structure Pre-sale

ICO started on 16th March 2018 and it will last until 1st May 2018. The ICO is divided into two stages, pre-sale and token sale. The token sale is divided into three stages, a private sale, presale, and token sale.

The number of SOLA tokens sold during each stage will depend on the funds raised during the pre-sale and presale stages. Here are the details about ICO:

The private sale will be available only to strategic partners and high-net-worth individuals. So, the presale will be available to all people who have a registered account on the Solana website. The token sale will be available to anyone who has a registered account on the Solana website.

SOLA Token Distribution

50% of the total supply of SOLA was sold in the token sale event. Also, 40% will go toward community initiatives, including a developer fund, partnerships, community programs, and bounties. Plus, 10% went toward the Solana Foundation’s operations, including legal and administrative costs.

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