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NFT Zombie Monkey Biggest Giveaway

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Here is the latest fad in Opensea, the NFT Zombie Monkey just broke the record.

NFT Zombie Monkey

NFT Zombie Monkey is a hot new CryptoKitty from Opensea. NFT stands for a non-fungible token which is a digital asset. It is different from the traditional fungible token such as the ERC20 token.

In NFT tokens such as CryptoKitty, each token has its own unique identity. In this case, you can make it a limited collectible just like physical goods. CryptoKitty is a digital collectible game built on Ethereum (ERC-721).

Also, the game allows players to breed virtual cats and sell them on their marketplace. The game was built by Axiom Zen and the team released the first CryptoKitty during a public auction in December 2017. For the first day of the public auction, the price of each CryptoKitty was set at $140,000 but it sold for $140 million later to a big spender named CryptoKitties@inventor in January 2018.

Since then, CryptoKitties became viral with millions of dollars being spent on them daily until now. CryptoKitties also made headlines when one of them known as “The Founder” sold for $140,000 in 2018.

In this case, NFT Zombie Monkey is based on the zombie monkey of the same name from China’s most popular MOBA game King of Glory, developed by Tencent Games.

The NFT game was released by Opensea in August 2018. Then it quickly became one of their top-selling games along with NFT CryptoKitty and Etheremon.

How to Play NFT Zombie Monkey?

Zombie Monkey is an NFT collectible card game and each player starts with three cards in their hand. If they can use to attack or defend against other players. Each player has three cards in their hand which is known as the life points of the player.

Then when a player loses all three cards, he loses the game. So, the objective of the game is to defeat your opponents by reducing their life points down to zero. This is before you lose all your three cards in your hand.

When a player’s life points reach zero, that player is defeated and must wait for the next round to play again. In order for players to attack each other, they must pay attention to their opponent’s card types. So, they could use their own card types that match up against it as well as land attacks on them as well as defend against other players’ attacks on them.

NFT CryptoKitty Collectibles

CryptoKitty Collectibles are similar to physical goods such as baseball cards, but it is digital. CryptoKitty is a Metaverse game developed by Axiom Zen and it will be released in November 2018. Each CryptoKitty has its own unique identity and players can even sell them on their marketplace.

Players can buy, sell, or exchange CryptoKitty in their marketplace. Players can also breed two CryptoKitties together to create a new one. Although each CryptoKitty has its own unique identity, its value of them depends on its rarity and market demand.

CryptoKitties are sold via auctions and they can have a starting price of $1 or more. The auction lasts 24 hours and players have 7 days to complete the auction before they are sold. Auction starts with a low price and increases when there is no new bid within the 24 hour period.

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