how nft games work

How Do NFT Games Work?


In this article, we will discuss the best guide to how NFT games work in the blockchain.

How Do NFT Games work?

NFT Games are a new breed of games that are running on blockchain technology. It uses an NFT Token that is Non-Fungible, which means that each token is unique. NFT game that runs on blockchain and uses non-fungible tokens as the main game asset.

Now, Non-fungible means that each token (crypto assets in our case) has its own identity. It can’t be divided into smaller parts and it’s not interchangeable. For example, I’d like to compare cryptocurrencies to a set of collectible cards (each card has its own identity).

Every card can be different from the others, for example, one card can have a bigger star in the corner than another. Also, one card can be signed by the artist, or even one card can be rarer than the other. So if you want to buy something with a specific card you will always have to make sure that you get the exact card you want.

Top NFT Games

Blockchain games are the future of gaming. They are secure, decentralized, and transparent. And what is more, they don’t require high-end hardware to play.

What is even better, blockchain games are a great way to earn some extra money! You can play them whenever you want without worrying that someone will hack your account. And last but not least they are also a great way to have fun!

Sometimes you might need to transfer your tokens between different websites or wallets. This can be very risky if you just send them directly from one wallet to another. That’s why you need a third-party website that will hold your tokens for a short period.

We recommend as it is the most popular online wallet for ERC721 tokens. This means it is compatible with most of the games. The process works like this: First, you need to create a new wallet on MEW (don’t use one of your current wallets).

Then go to the “Contracts” tab and click “Watch token”. After that fill out the form with details from the token’s contract (you can get this information from the games’ website). Finally, enter a name for your token and click “OK”.

Now you will see your token in “Your contracts”, right below the “Token balances” section. To transfer your tokens just go to the Transfer section and copy the contract address from your game’s website or app and paste it in the MEW address field below “Token balances”. Then fill out the number of tokens you want to transfer and click “Transfer”.

ERC-721 NFT Token

This should not just be any other one from the same set (that’s fungible). Every non-fungible token has its unique identifier (for example ERC-721). Since that makes sure that no two tokens are exactly alike and therefore each token can have different properties.

The “CryptoKitties” is an example of non-fungible tokens. You can see different cats with different colors, genders, and “cattributes” (like generation or genes) which make them unique. However, these cats are not useable as they are just different representations of the same cat (non-interchangeable).

So, to make them useful they need some special value. For example, breedable cats like “CryptoPuppies.”

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