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Guide to NFT Twitter Verified

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Learn how to promote your NFT Twitter organically with the social media tool.

NFT Twitter

Selling NFT is very similar to selling stock on the stock market. NFT value is determined by the price of the crypto asset in which it is pegged. The NFT Twitter tool allows you to view the current price of a crypto asset, in this case NFT, and tweet out a graph displaying the value of your NFT portfolio.

NFT Twitter Verified

Verified accounts are accounts that have been confirmed by Twitter as belonging to the person or business stated in the account’s profile. Verified accounts are trusted more than non-verified ones since they are not easy to get. There is also a green checkmark badge that appears next to their username.

Selling your NFT for USDT lets you convert your cryptocurrency into cash if you need it fast. You can use a Twitter template. When using Twitter templates, make sure to include #nft #nftplatform $nft #blocnation #blockchain #tokenization in your Tweets

 If you do not include these hashtags, your Tweets will not be counted towards our report card metrics. Also make sure to include links to our website, Telegram group, and other social media channels. The more people we can reach out to and engage with, the better! 

We encourage you to be creative with your NFT Tweets and make them stand out amongst other Tweets!

Use Images When Tweeting

We recommend including some type of visual content when Tweeting about Blocnation. So, people can easily relate to what you are promoting. Use images like infographics or charts that display information about our project or company.

It is also useful to include images of our products for example; the Blocnation card or Payroll app. Please don’t forget to link these images from your posts so that everyone can easily access them on our website.

Hashtags When Tweeting it

Blocnation uses certain hashtags to categorize our posts and make them easy to find for potential investors. The following is a list of popular hashtags we use: #nft #nftplatform #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency #cryptoasset #cryptocurrencies #cryptotoken #cryptotrading #ico #initialcoinoffering.

We also include certain hashtags based on the context of the post. For example, if it is a retweet we may use #cryptotwitter. Also, if it is retweets of other companies’ posts, we may use the following hashtags:#retweet, #retweeted, or #rtr.

Learn How to Use NFT Twitter!

This section will guide you through the process of using our NFT Twitter tool. We encourage you to read this section carefully. So, you understand how to best profit from the tool and to allow us the most accurate reporting metrics.

First, you will need a Twitter account. If you do not have a Twitter account, please set one up before continuing. Find your NFT wallet address itGo to and click on the Twitter icon in the top-right corner of the screen. This will take you to a page with all of your NFT wallet addresses.

Keep in mind, once you initiate a sell order, it cannot be canceled or reversed. Please make sure you are ready to sell your NFT tokens if you do so!

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