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NFT Ragnarok

NFT Ragnarok is one of the most popular and most challenging collectible card games on the market. But it has a growing number of players. If you like to play an in-game trading card game, you will get addicted to NFT Ragnarok.

NFT Ragnarok is a new version of Ragnarok Online. It’s a collectible card game developed by the Canada-based gaming company, Game Hive Corp. The game is based on theĀ MMORPG video game, Ragnarok Online and it was released on February 24, 2019.

It’s a new way to play the mobile game and can be played with players from around the world. So, you can make friends with different people from different countries in this game. What makes NFT Ragnarok special is that it contains many familiar elements from the online video game.

Moreover, the duel mode needs two players while the FFA mode needs three or more players. You can use your deck of cards to challenge other players and if you win. You will get some rewards but if you lose, nothing happens except some damage will be made to your cards if they are damaged during the battle.

How to Play NFT Ragnarok?

In NFT Ragnarok, there are many ways for players to get new cards:

1. You can buy card packs from the shop

2. You can get free card packs from daily login rewards

3. You can earn free card packs from achievements

4. You can buy them from other players or sell them

5. You can get them from PvE and PvP matches.

After you have collected enough cards, you can open your card packs. There are three types: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Just like in other collectible card games, Bronze is the lowest, Silver is the middle one and Gold is the highest.

If you want to get better cards from your packs, you should open Gold card packs. Sometimes you will get rare or epic cards from your card packs. If you want to get the most powerful cards from your card packs, you should open legendary card packs.

What makes NFT Ragnarok special is that it has Real Time Gameplay. This means that everything happens right now as soon as players make their moves so it’s not just a turn-based game like other collectible card games. So, when a player makes a move, they need to wait until the opponent’s move is done so they can make their next move.

NFT Ragnarok Market Price

NFT Ragnarok Market Price is the price of NFTs in our marketplace. If you have some extra NFTs on hand, feel free to list them in our marketplace at any time if you want to sell them for real money or buy some new NFTs if you want. You will find all kinds of NFTs: common, rare, and epic cards like weapons, armors, and accessories, or even legendary cards which are very hard to find in your card packs!

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