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Collecting NFT and cryptos as an investment is a new trend now. But how can you connect them to the NFT wallet to start with?

NFT Wallet

NFT Wallet is a special kind of crypto wallet. NFT is a non-fungible token which means that each token is unique and cannot be substituted by another token. If you’re not yet familiar with crypto wallets, let me break it down for you.

Collectors of NFT and crypto collect them to gain financial benefits in the future. To get the benefits, they need to store them safely. Crypto and NFT wallets are similar to ordinary wallets.

They store your coins as well as give you access to them whenever you need them. NFT wallet stores your digital assets which are also known as non-fungible tokens; unlike fungible tokens. This is where only one is equal to the other.

NFT Wallet for Crypto Collectors

The best NFT wallet for collectors is Enjin Wallet. Enjin is one of the most popular names in the cryptocurrency world due to its unique blockchain products and solutions. The Enjin team has always been considered a leader in blockchain development, with a keen eye on security and usability.

Enjin offers more than just a secure crypto wallet. It comes packed with a lot of features which makes it stand out from other wallets in the market. Let’s look at how it went from being just a simple cryptocurrency wallet to an all-in-one blockchain development platform.

Enjin was developed in 2009 and was created by Witek Radomski who designed it to be used on gaming and social networking platforms. While working on the product, they realized that this particular product could be used beyond just gaming platforms. Thus expanding their scope of work and vision.

In 2014, Enjin started working on cryptocurrency integration as a side project. This eventually led to the creation of their first cryptocurrency wallet—the Ethereum Wallet. This was probably one of the best decisions made by the company.

Enjin Wallet Features

Enjin is one of the best crypto wallets for NFT due to its features. It has a beautiful and user-friendly UI which makes it very easy to use. Fast and secure transactions. Multicurrency support supports more than 500 different coins and tokens including NFTs like CryptoKitties.

The ability to add custom tokens is also supported. Not only this, but it also lets you add custom ERC-721 tokens which is the special kind of NFT. They are unique in every way therefore cannot be substituted by any other token.

Enjin Smart Wallet Apps allow users to store their coins safely on their website or app without having them go through any third-party servers. This also keeps your coins safe from any kind of security breaches as they are stored directly on your website. It gives you full control over them as well. You can easily create an ICO in just 3 steps using Enjin Smart Contracts.

So, this helps you create ICOs without having to spend too much time and money on them. It has a reputation system where users can rate each other based on their actions. Using the reputation system, you can easily identify trustworthy users from scammer ones among millions of others who use the platform.

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